Inputing data from python model into ngspice shared netlist


I’ve been trying to simulate a model of a neuron coupled to a microelectrode in ngspice. However, while the microelectrode is easy to simulate the neuronal model is quite difficult. As such, when I found pyspice I thought maybe I could use the netlist I already have for the microelectrode and create the neuron model in python and use the output voltage of the neuron model as an input in the microelectrode model.
I’ve read through all the examples and some documentation and even used the ngspice shared interpreter example with my microelectrode netlist but I cannot even find a way of just plotting the circuits transient analysis (without the neuron model) as I did with ngspice.

To summarize, my questions are:

  1. Can I use my already written netlist of the microelectrode with the ngspice shared option ?
  2. To interface the neuron model that I will write in python as source voltage for the microelectrode does it mean that I have to re-write the netlist into pyspyce nomenclature ?

PS: I can provide my netlist if necessary.

Thank you for your time.