Looking for a Xyce Example

Hi, I have installed Xyce, NGSpice and PySpice and everything is almost working… except, when I run on iPython (actually Anaconda Spyder) then I stumbled into a cdef problem on duplidate definition of ngcomplex. I can see on github some discussion, but not clear to me how to move forward on it. No mater, I have Xyce. But then I was stumbling at the start [again]. The documentation says to set an attribute

PySpice.Spice.Xyce.Server.XyceServer.XYCE_COMMAND = “C:\Program Files\Xyce 7.1 OPENSOURCE\bin\Xyce.exe”

But where do I type that? It seems to be an attribute of a class or something?? So then I try
… = simulator(xyce_command=r"C:\Program Files\Xyce 7.1 OPENSOURCE\bin\Xyce.exe", simulator=‘xyce-serial’,…)

and that one dies with file not found, although it is the correct command to launch Xyce.

What finally worked (yeh!) was to edit by hand the PySpice source code and find where XyceCommand was defined and wow. I’m amazed. Works perfectly :slight_smile:

But was there a cleaner way that I could have done this?

Thanks so much for putting this product together. I’m excited to check it out further.